The major collaborators


CNRM: Samuel Morin (snow modelling and climate)





SIMAP: Pierre Lhuissier, (X-ray imaging, lab experiments, material science)




IGE: Ghislain Picard (polar snowpacks)
Laurent Arnaud (firn physics, instrumentation)
Emmanuel Cosme (assimilation)
Maurine Montagnat (ice and firn mechanics)




LJK: Eric Blayo (numerics for geophysics)





LSCE: Amaelle Landais (ice core and firn)
Anais Orsi (ice core and firn)






Aachen Univ.: Julia Kowalski, (numerics for geophysics)



WSL/SLF: Henning Löwe (snow physics, X-ray imaging)
Matthias Bavay (snow model design, responsible for SNOWPACK model)
Charles Fierz, (instrumentation and modelling)





Laval Univ.: Florent Domine (arctic snowpacks)



Sherbrooke Univ.: Alexandre Langlois (arctic snowpacks)