Joining the first Arctic Snow School!

In April 2023, Marie and Neige were invited to teach at the first Arctic Snow School in Canada’s Far North, at 69°N, in a remote Inuit village called Ikaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay) - or "the right place to fish", in the territory of Nunavut. This Arctic Snow School offered transdisciplinary training to better understand the dynamic processes of Arctic snow, its relationship with climate and wildlife, and its importance to northern communities in a changing North. The school was a joint initiative of Université Laval’s Sentinel North program and Université de Sherbrooke’s GRIMP laboratory, to whom we are very grateful for this opportunity. The school was hosted at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, which is the station where the next IVORI field campaign will take place, from September 2023 to May 2024. The school was truly a great first Arctic experience, with temperatures reaching -37°C! Apart from snow science, we had the unique opportunity to meet with members of different local communities - people who have grown up and live in an almost permanent winter...

See you soon Ikaluktutiak!

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Updated on 6 August 2023