Pascal Hagenmuller

My general research topic is about snow microstructure, snow mechanics and avalanches (website). I studied engineering (Ecole Polytechnique) and material sciences (ParisTech) and I started working on snow during my master thesis (WSL-SLF, Davos) and continued on my PhD which I graduated in 2014 (Inrae, Grenoble). Since then my passion about snow has not decreased and I am working at the Snow Study Center where I became the leader of the team "Snow material".

In this project, I will contribute to bridge the link between the representation of snow as a 3D microstructure of pore and ice, and snow as an homogeneous material. In particular, I am in charge of building a unique dataset describing the snow microstructure evolution under different climates and controlled cold-room conditions, with X-ray tomography. I also contribute to the modeling of the physical processes at the pore scale and their homogenization (up-scaling) at the snow layer scale, which will be evaluated thanks to the collected data.

I am eager to see how far we can get with physics without any empirical relations.

Updated on 23 November 2021