Julien Brondex

My research focuses on the numerical modeling of physical processes involved in cryospheric sciences. I have a background of mechanical engineer with a double master degree obtained from the french engineering school Arts et Métiers ParisTech and the swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) located in Stockholm. My first years in the academic world - including my PhD which I realized at the Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement (IGE, Grenoble) and which I defended in December 2017 - were dedicated to the numerical modeling of ice flow dynamics both for ice sheets and mountain glaciers. In May 2021, I joined the IVORI team in order to apply my skills in numerical modeling on another major component of the cryosphere: snow.

More specifically, my work within this project aims at making an inventory of processes governing the evolution of the snowpack, identifying the variable fields and mathematical laws best suited to describe these processes, and proposing appropriate numerical approaches enabling to solve the associated Partial Differential Equations.

Updated on 19 October 2021